Film series: Transmission

2020 to 2025 one film per year

Transmission 2020 - Ethiopia

Transmission 2021 - Indonesia, Philippines
Transmission 2022 - ?
Transmission 2023 - ?
Transmission 2024 - ?

Transmission 2025 - Titel still open

The TRANSMISSION project includes an annual film produced in various languages. 

Extensive accompanying material like study guides are available for these films, in order to deepen the topic alone or in a small group.

The multilingual materials are available for you to use. Please visit our download page.


current trailer (playing time 55")

other versions: GERMAN, FRENCH

Transmission 2020 (playing time 10'15")


Long oppressed by the totalitarian communist Derg regime. Today a free country where freedom of opinion and belief has become a pillar of society.

A young journalist from France visits an exceptionally large community of believers, the Meserete Kristos Church.

other versions:
PORTUGESE (subtitles), AMHARIC (subtitles)

Transmission 2021

Indonesia ?

Dialogues between Muslims and Christians.

Philippines ?

Peace Work

Transmission 2022

Transmission 2023

Transmission 2024


Film as a docu-drama.
Playtime approx. 90 min.